Our peanut butter is the perfect infused snack-sized pouch for any moment that life throws your way. Zendo peanut butter is ground to perfection - not too smooth, not too crunchy, it is just right.


This snack-sized pouch is packed with powerful health bonuses! Peanuts contain vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants and thus are a very rich energy source. They help lower blood cholesterol, keep heart disease at bay, and are stuffed with plant proteins that encourage cell growth. With the number of benefits cannabis has to offer, this tasty spread is an outstanding choice for your medical health.

Everyone’s body digests and absorbs these products differently. For this reason, we suggest consulting your doctor prior to using Zendo products. All products are lab tested to ensure accurate THC potency and dosage. All products have no additives and are preservative-free. Click HERE to see the current test results for Zendo Infused Peanut Butter.